Plastic Neutral

We did it!

My kids and I have been on an urgent mission.

To remove plastic packets from our household.

In truth, my eldest is actually more enamored with his act of activism every time he refuses a straw in a restaurant, but he has participated in our plastic neutral mission with a degree of enthusiasm.

No more buying packets for the groceries. Shopping bags straight back in the boot, or at least in my way at the door, so that I can only pick them up on the way out, or trip over them. No more excuses of having left shopping bags in the car when we arrive at the cashier.  If between the three of us no one has remembered the bags, I pay for everything and we put it straight back into the trolley and pack bags ourselves in the parking lot.  I’ll tell you this – packing is a science that I’m not sure I am anywhere near understanding.

And if we get to the car and there are no bags in the car… loose groceries straight into the boot and packing happens in our driveway.

I am not sure why walking through a shopping centre with my groceries unbagged feels a little like I’m walking around half nude, or why its mortifying to go into another shop with a trolley load of unbagged goods. But it is.  Enough for me to start remembering the bags anyway.

So this week we achieved plastic neutral status! Not a plastic packet to be found. The cupboard once stuffed with “Oh no I forgot the shopping bags, I’ll just have to buy a packet” is empty. I can’t believe it.

What I also can’t believe is that I didn’t think about what I was going to use for bin bags in the absence of packets.  So once we’d re-used the plastic covering of the new ironing board and gift bags re-gifted one time too many, I had a new mission.

It’s not perfect, but this is my current solution. Either buy Tuffy bin liners 100% made from recycled plastic (pens to be precise, according to their latest radio ad), or SupaMama bags from Verigreen which help to support sustainable livelihoods for women through sourcing plastic to be recycled.

Join the revolution!

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